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Hooliganism is commonly associated with violent, unlawful behaviour. Hooligans are rebels without a cause, serving only to create pointless chaos and tyranny. If someone is defined as a hooligan, they are a lost cause, the debris of society.

We want to bring new meaning the word Hooligan – take it back from those who tried to pigeonhole us and show what we’re capable of. Behind every Hooligan is an insatiable energy, and we believe in putting that energy towards good.

Giving Back 100%

Hooligan Street Swag is dedicated to helping those who may not be able to help themselves. We have a personal connection to orphans and abandoned children, and 100% of the profits from the sale of Hooligan apparel and accessories goes towards those causes.

Hooligan is currently involved with the Little Children of the Phillppines. As a part of the larger Little Children of the World, this organization operates an orphanage from Dumaguete City, offering a wealth of programs to support children’s education and efforts to begin building their own livelihoods.

In the future, we have plans to partner with orphanages in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Society of the 4th Horseman


This is how the Society of the 4th Horseman came to be. The Society assists with funding for food, school supplies, hygiene products, and school development projects. Mike has currently established Siem Reap Cambodia as his base for his work there and also travel to the wherever he is needed.

The child sex trade is still one of the biggest problems that South East Asia faces and it does not appear to be slowing down. With outside assistance, we believe we can continue to move forward and save more children and give them the quality of life they deserve.

Mike Taylor


Mike Taylor is from Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada and has worked in the social services field for over 25 years with at risk youth and children and adults with disabilities.

He is currently the owner and CEO of Carmichael Residential Programs Ltd that supports numerous individuals and their families both residentially and through crisis outreach. Mike has also lectured and taught in the mental health industry throughout North America and South East Asia.

Currently Mike has been assisting organizations throughout South East Asia on rescuing children from the sex trade.

Our Mission


Sadly, trafficking is particularly visible in Asia, where the exploitation of children in commercial sex trade remains the worst form of child labor. It is estimated that 1 million children are lured or forced into the sex trade in Asia every year.

In places like Cambodia, half of them are sold by someone they know. Thailand is believed to receive a large number of children trafficked from Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and China. The children are made to work as prostitutes, domestic servants, workers in factories, farms, and fishing vessels, or couriers of drug traffickers. They often have no contact with their families and are at the mercy of their employers.

It is the mission of the Society of the 4th Horseman and Carmichael Enterprises to bring awareness and also contribute funding for food, school supplies, sporting goods and personal hygiene products to the various orphanages and schools throughout South East Asia so as these children can have quality of life and also be rescued from the horrors that exist around child trafficking.


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If you’re not stirring the pot, you’re sinking to the bottom. Be defiant and loud for the greater good – generate change and advocate for the people who need it most. Brandish your pride in being part of a gang of rebels with a cause.